🧑‍🌾 Farm NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens on xDAI & Ethereum

We have two kinds of NFT campaigns

  1. NFTs for our Farmers: Besides earning trading fees and rewards when farming XGT, you get NFTs(Non Fungible Tokens) for being a loyal liquidity provider. You need to farm for at least 1 month to automatically receive a POAP NFT, that can be used for redeeming products and/or discounts from Xion merchants in the near future.

  2. NFT reforestation Farm: Now you've got LP tokens from being a liquidity provider, so why not boost your APY by 20% by adding(staking) them in the NFT reforestation farm in Unifty. Not only can you boost your APY for 1 month but earn points to redeem/purchase an NFT. On redemption, up to 20,000 trees will be planted in communities affected by deforestation. The amount of trees planted depends on what NFT you own and being an owner means you'll also get up to 200% APY for 24 months. The goal is 100,000 trees to create sustainable livelihoods in Tanzania & Haiti. Available on OpenSea, Rarible & Unifty.

Learn more about these NFTs on Medium

🧑‍🌾NFTs for our Farmers 🧑‍🚀- https://xionglobal.medium.com/nfts-for-our-farmers-41a2994a48ea

🌳NFT reforestation Farm 🥭- https://xionglobal.medium.com/xion-finance-joins-forces-with-forestnation-unifty-to-combat-deforestation-with-nfts-7c8f2f763fe9

Once our decentralized payment and rewards gateway is ready, we will also be including NFTs that will represent your ownership and authenticity of each product, service or subscription you purchase. - coming soon